I have achieved Level 5 Nerdom (I think)

I may have the leveling off on this but DING! I have achieved a new level. Now to assign my points... hmmmm...

Anyway, to the point.

I just wrote a one-shot(ish) fanfic about the game Dragon Age: Origins. Technically it's for the expansion of that game, Awakening. It is just over 2000 words and I am super proud of it. So proud I am thinking of sharing it! That means something significant, because I've written close to 20,000 words of fanfic that I will probably never let see the light of day. Er... light of the internet.

Anyway... that is all.

Not to be overly dramatic here...

But more and more often I see the news, I see the headlines and I get this overwhelming sense that this country is moving inexorably toward a violent and bloody conflict. I know, I know, for not wanting to be dramatic I am being awfully damn dramatic.

I still can't shake the feeling. This isn't just because a Congresswoman was shot earlier this week. It is a long series of increasingly violently-oriented events (like armed anti-Obama protesters marching on the Capital) that seemed to increase the violence. It is the assassination-inspirational rhetoric used by extremists. The most notable examples come from this post: http://community.livejournal.com/sf_drama/3141123.html?thread=582281219#t582281219

I just...I dunno. I am being dramatic I suppose, I know I am. But this is still the sort of thing I worry about. Exactly what future are we heading for when people get to say things like this and are protected?

On a humorous note, to lift the mood, Ryan has said that if there is an outbreak of widespread violence, he will be smuggling me across the border into Canada. He won't stay there, but he is quite adamant that he won't let me stay here. He's so overprotective.


Hello 2011! WTH happened to 2008?

I’ve been doing a really crappy job of keeping up my LJ, but I have been around, lurking mostly on the communities I’m in now (thanks a lot Steph!).

That said, I’ve decided to finally give this whole “resolutions” idea a shot. I haven’t done much with New Year’s Resolutions in the past because I am +100 to Self-Sabotage. Yet, perhaps this is the year where I’ve reach enough self-loathing to overcome that self-sabotage. I’m not happy with the fact that I am doing so little to help myself be happy. (10 pts to you if that sentence makes sense).

To date I am unhappy with my social life, with my health (and NO, this is not a *weight* thing), my eating habits (again, not a weight thing) and mostly, with how utterly disgusting my house is. Very importantly, so is my brother. Since we live together, one of us going “I’M GONNA CHANGE EVERYTHING” while the other says “meh I’m okay with it as it is” ends only in screaming, frustration and an even bigger mess than before. Both of us being sick of how our lives are unfolding will allow us to help keep each other on track. At least, that is my hope.

So, with that utterly needless introduction (it’s my LJ, I’m allowed to be self-centered here!), here are my 2011 Resolutions:


-- Eat better

-- Get more active physically

-- Get more active socially

-- Breast reduction

-- Keep my house clean

-- Maintain or improve my GPA


My goal is to improve those things that I can control, thus spurring the real changes I want that I have no control over. Like getting a girlfriend lol.


Look to your right. Whatever object you see there is your designated
weapon in the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse! Comment on this post to tell
me what it is, then repost to spread the zombie virus.

I have...a book about climate change...which suddenly is not as pressing of an issue as it used to be.

This is what happens when I'm bored

This is what happens when I'm bored, not feeling well and avoiding my homework:

Exhibit A: A graph from GraphJam. Humorous, but admittedly tired as it at least the 3rd version of this graph to appear
Poster's Comment:
J says:

How about children grow up confused? Or that men and women think differently because their brains are naturally wired that way, and BOTH are pivotal in the development of a young child’s mind? Not only is it like children who grow up in single parent homes without a mother or a father, but they have a double dose of the one they’re not missing.

There are more things than just God “said so”. Maybe there’s a reason things are meant to be the way they are.

My Reply:

Julia says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I love the assumption that gay and single people only associate with members of their own sex. Because you know, ever since I came out of the closet I stopped talking to my brother, father, male cousins, uncles, male friends (now former, of *course*), etc. As a lesbian I *obviously* refuse to shop in places that permit men through their doors, restaurants that serve them or literally any space they frequent. Because OMG THEY ARE PEOPLE I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP WITH SO I CANNOT STAND THEIR COMPANY!.

Because everyone knows that we only spend time with the people we want to fuck (hence the Oedipus complex).

J, your argument is shallow, sexist and has a hole in it so big I could drive a semi-truck stacked on top of a semi-truck carrying a dozen elephants through it. I could park the Moon in that hole.

This is why I should always be supervised on the internet...
And proving that I cannot leave a good Flame War: My Second Win Comment Of The Day

Posters' Comment:

gniknihtdrawkcab says:

Just because you don’t agree with someone or the way they are doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Loving someone definitely doesn’t mean that you just go with what they say because you don’t want a controversy.

JusticeforAll says:

Amen Gnik. Too many people think that believing homosexuality is a sin, means that we hate them.

My Reply:

Julia says:

No, too many of us believe that saying “hate the sin, not the sinner” is simply a way to permit you to believe you are somehow being open-minded and tolerant while you carry your proverbial pitchforks around at gay events.

You don’t hate *me*, just hate everything about me. You just hate that which makes me me. The essential and vital parts of me that you would make me suppress until I ceased to be me, until that precious and wonderfully unique individuality that is me was just like you. Self-loathing.

I’m so sorry I refuse to live within your narrow little world. That I refuse to live a life of suffocating loneliness, depression and self-hatred all because you *believe* I should. I’m so sorry that I interpret your desire to make me live a sad, shallow, wasted existence as hatred. My bad.

Except I’m not sorry. What I will do is be like Jesus and forgive you.



Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Spam

I had a nice post written out introducing our new kitten, Amatyst aka "Squeaktoy" but I accidently hit a link button and lost it. So now...I have to start over. She weighed it at just over a pound at the vet's office Saturday. I had forgotten just how tiny 7 week old kittens are. Shoogi keeps looking at her like "I have left larger things in the litter box than you." That is when she isn't hissing or snarling angrily at her. Shoogi weighed in at 11.3 pounds, so she is roughly 11x Amatyst's size. But is Amatyst afraid of her? Of course not!

Enough chatter...here's the KITTEH SPAM!



Introducing Amatyst (Amytis) the Kitten

Courtesy of Ryan's inability to spell, Amatyst (originally Amytis) has joined the ranks of pets with misspelled names. Most notable amongst her peers is Phydeaux (Fido).

That said: she's a cute little thing. She weighed in at just over a pound at the Doc's today. Shoogi weighed in at 11.3lbs yesterday, making her roughly 11x Amatyst's size. And while she's not pleased, Shoogi is actually adjusting quite quickly. Amatyst isn't doing anything to bug her or follow her, so I think that is helping. We fed them a bunch of treats at the same time and Shoogi was oblivious to her presence. Jealousy is already proving to be an issue when it comes to *me* touching the kitten though.

Amatyst is playing under one of the coffee tables next to Ryan's chair. Shoogi is laying on the mat by the door, watching her intently but doing nothing else. I think this is progress.

The utterly adorable things she has done so far:
She put two holes in Ryan's thumb when she couldn't get a hold of the treat he was holding. She was so hungry that after she got the treats she began to chew on his hand hoping for more food. It was cute as hell (but we will be working to stop the biting behavior).

She laid on Shoogi's blanket (which is behind my chair) and bit it while thrashing wildly and rolling over. Apparently she thinks she is an alligator.

At the moment Amatyst is under Ryan's chair, peering out like some sort of little minion, while Shoogi grooms herself. With intermittent pauses to snarl and hiss at her (all without leaving her comfy floormat. (I swear I have a weird cat. She doesn't really climb and she prefers to lay on the floor to just about anywhere else).



We are getting a kitten. More specifically: Ryan is getting a kitten. He'll be picking her up next Saturday. She, her Mama and her sisters are strays but all of the kittens have found homes now. Mama is still looking for one though.

Not entirely certain how Shoogi is going to take this.


Let's see...

It has been a really, really, really shitty week so far and there is absolutely no sign of improvement in sight.

I've been weepy and crying (in public no less, for those who know me well enough to understand just what that means) ever since I left my math class. Which has been about...20 minutes?

Oh well...fuck it. I have lunch with my Dad and then work...again...of course.

ETA: I took a Mental Health Day from MDRC. Thank gods my boss is awesome.

This Summer Is Gonna Suck

That is what my M-F schedule looks like for the next 8 weeks, with a few exceptions. My Math teacher told us to expect 2-3 hours of homework per lecture.

I am already behind. Yay me.

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